Donald Trump ‘a complete and utter nincompoop’, says Alex Salmond

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond has responded to Donald Trump’s comments that a second Scottish independence referendum ‘would be terrible’, by calling the President ‘a complete and utter nincompoop’.

‘The Grand Canyon is a minor crevice compared to the vast chasm of ignorance of that man’.

This comes after a transcript of an interview with the Wall street Journal was published, in which Mr. Trump asked the editor Gerard Baker: ‘Is Scotland going to go for the vote, by the way? You don’t see it. It would be terrible. They just went through hell’.

The President also appeared concerned about the state of The Open golf tournament, saying: ‘One little thing, what would they do with the British Open if they ever got out? They’d no longer have the British Open’.

‘Scotland. Keep it in Scotland’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here:

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump ‘a complete and utter nincompoop’, says Alex Salmond

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  1. That’s funny,the original nincompoop giving his crown to President Trump. The only problem being that the President has no need of the title,he is doing very well keeping the promises he made unlike Salmond.


  2. Two men, one a failed politician who is always wrongthe other a non politician that beat the odds to become a President. Who keeps his promises. Which one calls the other names???


  3. So says this useless lump of blubber. We know that President Trump has an extremely high IQ and has developed a business empire second to none and, oh yes, won the American presidency against all odds. What have you achieved Salmond? Oh yes, of course, divided a once great nation, congratulations for absolutely nothing.


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