‘We had a referendum, we had these arguments, you lost. Get over it’, says Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage has continued his criticism of Lib Dem leader Vince Cable, who recently claimed that older Brexit voters had ‘comprehensively shafted the young’, saying:

I’m sorry Mr Cable. We had a referendum, we had these arguments, you lost. Get over it’.

‘Now 70 per cent of the population want the Government to get on with Brexit’.

‘Yes, at the moment we have more youngsters in favour of the EU than the older generation, but this is a democracy, we have made a decision, and we need to get on with it’.

‘Sometimes you have to accept that another view has prevailed’.

‘If the Liberal Democrats are going to go on, under Sir Vince, denying that referendum, trying to make us vote again, I think their electoral fortunes will continue to wither’

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bit.ly/2vRGjCi

10 thoughts on “‘We had a referendum, we had these arguments, you lost. Get over it’, says Nigel Farage

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  1. 70% of the population want the Government to get on with Brexit – What planet are you living on Nigel?

    My guess is the ‘Make facts up on the hoof’ Planet, as I do not recognise this figure as proportionate to the people I come on contact with daily.

    You’re lies, propaganda and xenophobic rants have delivered a broken and divided Britain – a Britain frightened of its ethnic neighbours, intolerant of unknown religions and ready to hide behind any boarders we can afford to man.

    As more people come to the conclusion that Brexit was a utopian fantacy that we can ill afford, there will be a growing call to reverse our direction and a second referendum will become a reality.

    If you are so sure of your vote I am sure that you would welcome the chance to reinforce your position.


  2. William, what lies ? You need to be specific, tell the world what lies he told.

    Your limited circle of associates may well think like you do, at least that’s what they say to your face. On the other hand I hear and see far more people thoroughly disappointed at the length of time this is taking, The biggest majority suggesting we just walk away.

    What do you call propaganda .? Can you be more specific with perhaps an example ?

    I would be interested in an example of perhaps one of these xenophobic rants, one will do..

    You Remoaners trotting out your cut and past the rhetoric, REMOANING all the old scare mongering, I’m still waiting for the war to start.

    Intolerance of unknown religions? What are you on about ? There has been no mention of stoping any migrant or immigrant because of their religion. You’re making that up, that’s a LIE. .The threat of financial collapse is providing to be a lie, we have just seen magnificent trading figures with continued growth. There are over on hundred countries waiting to strike trade deals with us.

    As more and more people see the greed of the EU Commission and their fascist dictatorial comments, then I think you’ll find that more and more people are relieved that we are leaving.

    After September’s vote in Germany coupled to any further negative developments in Spain,Italy, Poland and France, there might not be a European Union to be a member of.

    “There is no growing call to reverse our direction”. it’s just the same tired old faces screaming the same old lies. Supported by the same media outlets that promoted Remainers lies in the lead up to the Referendum.There will not be a second Referendum, stop fooling yourself, it would be ludicrous and political suicide for the Party that promotes such a vote.


  3. The time to make the arguments for staying in the EU was before 24 June 2016 – there were none made, rather a constant barrage of how awful it would be if we left. Any argument made since 24 June 2016 is irrelevant because the discussion is over. Now we are being bombarded with the press and a minority telling us we were wrong and should settle for a flaccid Brexit with again Dire predictions of doom if we don’t – It’s the same people worried about losing their EU pensions spreading doom and gloom and jumping on every piece of bad news whilst ignoring anything good. as to percentage wanting to remain, everyone I know that voted Leave is still behind it, plus quite a few people who have realised they should have voted Leave.I have no idea what the percentages would be, but if you have a second referendum and lose , who pays for it? I didn’t want it, also if less people vote in it, I imagine there would be one rich person will fund the case to contest it. Relying on the youth vote? youngsters vote remain? actually that’s a fabrication based on a you gov poll which got the result wrong anyway. even if has been suggested leave voters have died and there are more young remainers coming on board – there was a 1.25 million difference in favour of leave. the total died and joining the voters register amounts to 500,000 .


  4. John you’re a moron – simple Google search will show up at least 10 big whopper lies By the leave campaign and One Bollock Farridge in particular. Grow up old man – Brexit is lost.


  5. Mr Farage failed in numerous attempts to be voted an MP in or democracy.
    Did he give up after his first failure?
    No, he continued to fail a number of times even though the public refused to give him their backing.
    Why is this any different?


  6. John Barker
    Brexit has stirred something not heroic or celebratory or generous in our nation, but instead has coaxed into the light the lowest human impulses from:
    the small-minded,
    to the mean-spirited,
    to the murderous.

    We have seen an increase in hate crime and harassment of foreigners; we have seen xenophobes given licence to voice their bile and hatred; and even Government ministers, past and present condoning War with Spain.

    We now live in a divided Britain where the views of half of the population are being ignored.

    There are attempts to suppress democratic debate and dissent – This is based not on conviction or truth, but propaganda which plays on people’s fears and encourages meanness and hatred.

    I dislike intensely the direction that our country has taken during the referendum campaign and after.

    “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. Edmund Burke (1729-97)

    Please find, as requested, examples of lies, rhetoric and xenophobic remarks made by Nigel Forage.

    Nigel Ferage Lies:


    Nigel Ferage Rhetoric:

    Nigel Ferage Xenophobia:

    Broken Britain





  7. Nigel Ferage also said before the election result was declared that he would not accept the result if it was 48:52 Remain.

    So to my other statements I also add that he is a hypocrite of the highest order.


  8. Stephen Barker
    Democracy did not end with the referendum vote – it is a living process, whereby the electorate may change their minds and seek an alternative course.

    A 4% difference is not the unequivocal “will of the people”, but is significantly close to call for a second referendum.

    A Government that presses with a Brexit that nearly half of the Nation is against will be removed at the next general election and be in a minority opposition for decades to come, as the electorate have long memories and will not forgive them damaging our nations financial prosperity, our jobs market or our global standing in the world.


  9. It just goes to show what this country has become reading all the insults some of you are making on here. I never believe statistics because you are never going to get EVERYONE’S honest answer. I do know young people who voted to leave so don’t blame all the oldies. Stop all this bickering and let’s get on with getting out of EU start fresh and go back to respecting one another.


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