Amber Rudd on grooming gangs: ‘They are not restricted to any single ethnic group or religion’

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has responded to the Newcastle grooming scandal, saying:

‘This was an abhorrent case of sexual predators preying on young women and girls, and I am pleased that they have been brought to justice’.

‘Those responsible are not restricted to any single ethnic group, religion or community’.

‘It is an affront to everyone in our society, and I want to be absolutely clear that political and cultural sensitivities must never be allowed to get in the way of preventing and uncovering it’.

Labour MP for Newcastle Central Chi Onwurah said:

‘I want to make it absolutely clear that there is no excuse, neither ignorance, culture, prejudice nor lack of education which can possibly justify or excuse the abuse of young women’.

‘Crimes of sexual exploitation can be and are committed by members of all communities’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here:


12 thoughts on “Amber Rudd on grooming gangs: ‘They are not restricted to any single ethnic group or religion’

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  1. Then how come Amber Rudd. We never
    Had this revolting problem before? Hundreds
    of our children raped, drugged, and made
    A sex slave…its only when you and Westminster let in Muslim vermin, without
    A thought of the consequence.. NO


  2. Enough is enough.

    We all know and see the proof with our own eyes.
    Until the Nation rises and tells these stupid MP’s we are not Blind, they will continue to attempt to remove blame from 1 ethnicity.
    It’s becoming a weekly reported story/problem.
    Something simply has to give!


  3. Where the hell did this “remain” woman come from. Never heard of her before she was made home secretary. Watched her in the House since. She is rude, arrogant, sits down while she is still talking,and has no idea of what is involved in the job she took on. Absolutely useless. Get rid of her as soon as possible.


  4. We need someone that can see and act on what is happening to this country, we do not what we want our children and grand children seeing the things that they do, like raping, be heading, and stealing, this is not what we want our children to see, there is some thing every day, we need them deported asap, and take they dirty habbits with them


  5. We all want for our children what , fathers and grandfarthers fought for us to have, in two wars, and we are not going to give in to them, they are a horrible race, with some very dirty ways,and they want us to be like them, ( not a chance )And with saying all WHITE GIRLS can be raped, i think they will find out ,it is very racist towards us


  6. How stupid can these politicians get, or are they paid in pension fund contributions and lucrative positions on boards to turn a blind eye and say stupid things? Amber Rudd you are a cretin !


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