‘ISIS is far right’, says Leanne Wood

Leader of the Plaid Cymru party Leanne Wood has called yesterday’s attack in Barcelona an act of ‘far right’ terrorism.

In a message posted on Facebook, Ms. Wood said:

‘Isis and white supremacism both have far right ideologies driving them’.

‘Both see their group as superior to others. Both see people who are not in their group fair targets for abuse, violence and even death. Both hate minorities and consider women to be less than men.’.

‘Both believe in using extreme violence to repress people with different views. This is far right/ fascist ideology. How can it not be?’

‘This far-right ideology and the violence that goes with it must be rejected and opposed wherever it rears its head – be it Islamic fundamentalism or white supremacism’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here: http://bbc.in/2w8Ov1k

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