UKIP candidate suggests paying citizens with dual-nationality £9000 to leave Britain

UKIP leadership candidate John Rees-Evans has suggested paying citizens with dual-nationality up to £9000 to leave Britain.

Mr. Rees-Evans believes an offer of ‘£6,000 upfront and £3,000 once the programme is complete’, would be enough to persuade people to leave.

‘The net effect would be a reduction in Britain’s population of up to several hundred thousands persons annually, as well as forging valuable import-free trading relationships that will create jobs in the exporting country, while reducing the cost of living to British residents’.

He defended the policy, saying: ‘It’s not going to be fascist. I’m not interested in using eugenics or any evil things like that’.

‘I am being accused of wanting to send people of a particular country, or countries, abroad’.

‘This is absolutely not the case’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here:



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