Labour’s Brexit plan ‘not in the interests of this country’, says Kate Hoey

Labour MP for Vauxhall Kate Hoey has criticised Labour’s plan to stay in the single market during a post-Brexit transitional phase, saying:

‘It is very worrying to those of us that want to support the view of the British public, which was overwhelmingly to vote to leave’.

‘This is moving towards a kind of mushy blancmange, which is really not in the interests of this country’.

‘We did very well in the last general election by winning back some of those people who left Labour disillusioned, and went to Ukip’.

‘Many of those people will be feeling ‘hang on, we voted for Labour because we thought they were serious about Brexit, that they wanted to make a success of it’.

‘Now we look like we’re not going to do that’.

‘We could lose those voters, and there could be a revived UKIP’.

100 word new by The Hooting Times.

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6 thoughts on “Labour’s Brexit plan ‘not in the interests of this country’, says Kate Hoey

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  1. If we do not leave single market we have not fully left EU.We voted out of single market. customs union and foreign courts.


  2. How does 52%/48% become overwhelmingly voted to Leave?

    Those 52% only voted to leave the EU. That was all that was on the ballot paper. In fact many of the Leave campaigners (Johnson/Gove/Hannan/Farage) emphasised that we could leave and still stay in the single market.


  3. Did we? In the 2016 Referendum we were offered a simple choice: to Remain in the EU or Leave the EU. Whether because of an ineptly-managed campaign by an overconfident Remain faction or a duplicitous campaign by a Leave faction who expected to lose and therefore never imagined they would be called tom account, there was at that stage little mention of the Single market, the Customs Union or the European Court of Justice. A whole spectrum of views from those 110% behind the ‘European Project’ , through Remainers who wished to reform the E.U., by way of the don’t knows, the unconvinced and the unsure to those who wanted to leave the E.U. but stay in the Customs Union, those who wanted to Leave but stay in the Single Market , those who liked the look of the Norwegian solution to those who wanted to send all the foreigners home and Leave all aspects of the EU yesterday, were faced with a simple stark binary choice: Remain or Leave, piss or get off the pot. We did not vote to leave the Single Market, the Customs Union,, or the European Court of Justice. One year on, are we sure what we voted for or why we voted the way we did? What is not in the interests of this country is the current state of confusion, obfuscation and ambiguity on the part of both the Government and the Opposition, which is why we need the terms of any proposed Brexit deal to be put to a vote, with the possibility of Remaining within the E.U. if no satisfactory deal can be struck.


  4. Mr Watts , there was no need for all the ridiculous parts that you spin about Brexit ,The vote was very clear , by voting out you were voting to leave all of the above as they were all part of the single entity and we knew that to stay in the single market and customs union we would have to stay in the EU and to leave the EU was to leave all of that. so all you are doing is moaning about something you either cant accept (which I suspect it true ) or you were the one who did not know what you were doing when voting in which also may be the case from the writing above seems to show.??


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