BBC spends nearly £500,000 a year on taxis

A freedom of information request has shown that the BBC spent £1.3 million over the last 3 years on taxis, with the bill for 2015/16 reaching over £500,000.

A spokesman for the Taxpayers’ Alliance said:

‘Hard-pressed license fee payers will be furious that BBC staff are racking up such an extraordinary bill’.

‘The rest of the public sector is clamping down on unnecessary taxis, and the corporation should be no different’.

‘The BBC has to start spending money more efficiently or sympathy for the outdated TV Tax will continue to wane’.

The BBC responded, saying:

‘The BBC has strict rules around taxi use which means they are only used for essential business when public transport isn’t available’.

‘The majority of production related travel is to get guests and contributors to studios’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

Full story here:



One thought on “BBC spends nearly £500,000 a year on taxis

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  1. I assume that Is staff and people asked to appear on programmes. The latter happens to make sure they are in the studio on time. In which case £500,000 is surprisingly small if that is the whole of the BBC. Shows how efficient they are. You don’t want guests turning up in a car and needing to park.


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