UK’s Brexit demands ‘not serious, fair or even possible’, says Verhofstadt

The EU Parliament’s chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, has said that the UK’s demands are ‘not serious, fair or even possible’.

‘UK ministers seem to want to devise a new customs union, and seek to recreate all of the EU’s structures, in order to continue to benefit from the best elements of the EU, without it being called the EU’.

‘This is not serious, fair or even possible given the negotiating time remaining’.

‘All we have ever asked for is that this disruptive decision is implemented in an orderly fashion, and that we first agree to the divorce before planning a new future together’.

‘Since the UK joined the EU, it has enjoyed a bespoke form of membership that is unique. An opt-out from the euro, but banker to the Eurozone. An opt-out from Schengen, but access to the security databases linked to it. A blanket opt-out from Justice and Home Affairs, with the possibility to opt back into the most effective crime-fighting measures’.

‘The list goes on’.

100 word news by The Hooting Times.

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One thought on “UK’s Brexit demands ‘not serious, fair or even possible’, says Verhofstadt

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  1. We demand to be treated exactly the same as any other sovereign nation with whom the EU seeks a beneficial relationship.
    Having a tariff-free trade agreement will benefit the EU just as much as Britain, so my message to the EU hierarchy is for them to get over their obsession with trying to punish us simply because we are no longer a nation of lemmings who will just do as they are told. – and start regarding us as friendly independent partners.
    Either treat us as equals or abandon any hope of having an ongoing relationship with us – and we will do the same.


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